Terms and Conditions

Last Updated, 13 July 2020

You confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to be bounded by these User Terms when you click the “accept” button before accessing the Spiffy platform. All our terms apply to all users of Spiffy.


Organisers: An organiser is an individual, employee, contractor, or partner of a business that helps manage and host events. Organisers have admin access and rights to the platform.Attendees: An attendee is an individual that attends an event on Spiffy. Attendees include individuals that register for an event on Spiffy, speakers for an event or sponsors of an event.


All events are organised and administered by businesses, not us. As a third party providing a platform for events to take place, we are not responsible for the following:

  • If an event is cancelled.
  • Content or activities of an event.
  • Flow of an event.
  • Conduct or contributions of other attendees.

Kindly contact the business directly regarding any complaints or issues with regards to the above.


You agree that you will:

  • Not copy any part of Spiffy except as part of the normal usage of Spiffy.
  • Not alter, modify, translate any part of Spiffy and content in the platform.

You must:

  • Not use Spiffy in any unlawful manner or purpose.
  • Not infringe our intellectual property rights.
  • Not convey any information that is defamatory or offensive to Spiffy.
  • Not use any attendee information obtained from Spiffy to contact them outside of Spiffy without their permission.


You agree to:

  • Comply to advertising guidelines or laws that apply to any promotional or marketing activities being carried out on Spiffy.
  • Not upload any explicit or illegally attained content on the Spiffy platform.
  • Allow Spiffy to use, modify, adapt, edit, publish, distribute your contributions on the platform in any format or form.