Selmi used Chupa Digital to create their own online event and training center, helping to increase customer engagement by 120%. 


Renato Selmi starts back in 1965 with the processing of hazelnut paste, to then move on to chocolate tempering and enrobing machines, in which he specialises.

From 1987, the combination of technology, knowledge of raw materials and the constant strive for efficiency and perfection, have allowed the company to become the undisputed leader on a national and international level for the production of machinery for the processing of artisanal chocolate and for the roasting of coffee, nuts.


Selmi is an Italian chocolate machinery manufacturer that started its journey since 1965. In this century, the founder’s passion for manufacturing chocolate has evolved along with technology. To showcase their ever-growing product range, the manufacturer often takes part in food exhibitions and fairs worldwide.

Unfortunately, in this coming year 2020, the worldly pandemic on covid-19 has caused many exhibitions and travel plans to be put on hold, inevitably affecting Selmi.

Residing in Italy and having only one factory ground, Selmi do not have other facilities in other countries. Participating in food fairs and exhibitions provide Selmi with the following opportunities:

1. To directly present how to fully operate the chocolate machines in person.

2. To explain the mechanics behind their chocolate machines in a more personalised and intimate manner.

3. Live and up-close demonstrations on chocolate making.

4. Sessions among attendees to discuss and share their knowledge and experience.

To duplicate a real-life exhibition entirely, we customised the Chupa Digital event platform to solve each of the challenges listed above as below:

1. Agenda and calendars were made available to allow attendees to mark down dates and timings of live events.

2. A countdown timer was incorporated for all live sessions so that attendees will know when each demonstration starts, which mimics a live talk show.

3. All live sessions were recorded and uploaded in the on-demand library for future reference, allowing attendees to always have access, in case they missed certain sessions.

4. Forums on Chupa Digital event platform allowed like-minded attendees to interact and share information with each other.

5. To mimic real-life engagement, attendees were also able to communicate and ask questions in the activity feed or through private group and one on one messages.

6. Due to the pandemic, only a selected number of customers could visit the factory at a certain point of time. To overcome this new constraint, we took an immersive 3D virtual tour of the Selmi factory. This virtual tour was then embedded into our event platform with multi-faceted touchpoints and navigation features to make it seem as if attendees were actually visiting the factory in person.

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