Products and Services

Event Registration                                  

Customise your event registration experience from start to finish. 

Customise your form with the desired fields of your choice. Create different registrant types to categorise your attendees.

Create a custom registration website of your choice – include an event banner, introduction of your event, videos, links, maps and much more.

Charge paid tickets for your event – attendees can make payment through secured gateways such as paypal and stripe.

Integrate your invitation lists with our platform to send out custom email invitations, RSVPs and reminders.  

Virtual Event Planning & Execution

With our event industry expertise that connects people in the real world, we offer insights, strategy, creativity and innovation to bring the experience online and provide a one-stop solution to your physical, digital and hybrid events.

Our virtual events platform allows you to create a virtual environment that can be accessed by customers from any device at their convenience – facilitating sales and building online connections and relationships.

Digital Event Marketing

We provide the following services:

Create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain your target audience — to drive profitable customer action.

Connect with your audience to promote your event, share updates and increase participation rate.

Create and share content with your audience through social media networks to drive audience engagement and interaction with your brand. 

Video Production & Streaming

At Chupa Digital, we believe that getting your message across to attendees seamlessly is the key to engaging your audience in a virtual event. 

Using state of the art video production and streaming equipment, we will offer you a video solution that gives your attendees the best experience.